The World Pandemic was not an excuse to celebrate the 5th International Project Meeting

The World Pandemic was not an excuse to celebrate the 5th International Project Meeting

After a few months of uncertanty, a new way to keep The Erasmus+ Project B4ALL updated with the ten international partners has been carried out.

Despite of the difficult situation that B4ALL and the whole sport world is emerged, the wonderful partners´contribution is pushing the project ultil the end of its third phase.

The 15th October 2020, the 5th International Project meeting which was planned to be hosted by Badminton Europe Confederation (BEC) in Copenhague (Denmark), has been finally adapted, being celebrated through "videoconference way"  following the safest guidelines. The new online system has allowed B4ALL to  update the great work of every international partner and share with all the common ways in order to reach the final project goal. 
A wire range of imporant matters were dealed, among them, the main modifications and changes in the new schedule proposal. One of the most important aspect to take into account was the extension of the project ultil May 2021 in order to achieve the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) proposed. Thanks to the European Union approval and the different action plans of B4ALL Partners, by July 2021 most of these KPI are expected to be succesfully accomplished and a final report duly fullfilled

On the other hand, the meeting was specially focused on the dissemination and exploitation importance within the different inclusive actions or activities organization by partners. Proofs and evidences are extremely important during the whole project implementation but, above all, in this last period.

Last but not least, B4ALL partners need to be really committeed by spreading the avaliability of the Online Teaching Platform which will be able to provide different profiles as coaches, umpires, P.E. teachers or volunteers, with several knowledges about inclusive sport and inclusive badminton skills.

What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger. B4ALL is back.



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