Badminton for All emerges after several months of lockdown

Badminton for All emerges after several months of lockdown

The Erasmus + Sport Badminton for All Project (B4ALL) - European Network to promote inclusive badminton reborns after several months working in silence in its Online Training Platform for Inclusive Badminton.


And it is that, since 2018, B4ALL has been entirely dedicated to promote the inclusive badminton initiative to provide the society with the values ​​of respect, equality and inclusion through the sport for all,  independently of their qualities and abilities.

Futherore, thanks to the wire range of action lines which have been carried out from its begginning to nowadays, B4ALL has been able to generate a remarkable growth both in social networks and media such as schools, universities, associations and badminton clubs in France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark and United Kingdom.

Besides, one of the most important B4ALL contributions has been the training field, allowing a comprehensive training focused on the different roles within the inclusive sport ecosystem: coaches, referees , teachers and volunteering, provided all of them with the neccesary knowledegs that inclusive badminton requires. As B4ALL collaborators point ed out : all  intellectual outputs generated through the project, would be in disuse if they were not shared with society. That is why, after almost three years of several work, the new Inclusive Badminton Online Training Platform is now completely available to everyone, with totally free access for all entities interested in making use of it: sports clubs, schools, universities, professional training centers, among others.

With no doubts, B4ALL will continue contributing and enriching society through knowledge, development and materialization.

To access to the different platforms, please see links below:

English Platform

Spanish Platform

Italian Platform

Finnish Platform

►French Platform (pending to be finished)

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