San Isidro Inclusive Tournament

San Isidro Inclusive Tournament

A pretty good progression for Inclusive Badminton in the XXVI edition of San Isidro Popular Badminton Championship 2019.

The tournament has fulfilled its objectives successfully.

On the one hand, it has facilitated the player´s incorporation from badminton schools to the competition level; it  has also promoted the meeting between amateur players with others who regularly participate in competitions and finally it has adopted an inclusive competition model, thus enabling players with disabilities to join to this sport.

Additionally, the number of entry fees has also been a positive factor.

The total number of registrations was 280, not only in lower categories but also in the highest ones like absolute and senior, all of them from different entities and cities close to Madrid.

 The  percentage of gender participation was quite similar: 40.57% were women and 59.43% men both playing different modalities of this sport.

At the same time, the inclusive badminton activity, one of the main characteristics in this championship, ended its registration with the total of fourteen people with different physical and mental disabilities. The different types of disabilities to be found during the tournament were as follow: in one arm, in arm and leg, transplanted, Autism Spectrum Disorder -TEA-, Down syndrome, achondroplasia and sensory. All these registered players belonged to the following entities: Chamartín, Leganes and Albatros Badminton Clubs; Hortaleza and Pradillo; Jardines de España Foundation; the Segovia Autism Association and the Secundary School of Architect Ventura Rodriguez.

It is thanks to the collaboration of these entities that   this activity has been  succesfully carried out.




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