Badminton Italy and its Inclusive forces

Badminton Italy and its Inclusive forces

In April, the latest 14 April, was held in Raduno Chiari an Inclusive Badminton Event where Para - Badminton players and Non - disabled players took part in.

Representing the Italian Inclusive team, we could count with the presence of four Para - Badminton athletes playing in the different Para - Badminton modalities :

- Yuri Ferrigno (WH1) 
- Marco Colombo (WH1)
- Roberta Faccoli (WH2)
- Davide Posenato (SL4)

Besides, not only badminton athletes involve in official para - badminton competitions participated, but also, another four people who decided to try such a enterteinment activity. 

- Mariagrazia Lumini  and Giampaolo Tonielli, probably  they could be classified in the WH2 cathegory and Bernardo Pasinetti and Nicola Astori in WH1 cathegory.

Finally, the different entities which were in charge of the activity organization were the  ASD GSA CHIARI Badminton Club and Active Sport Disabli Association of Brescia.


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