"Bad And Handicaps"

Inclusive Badminton in the Hauts of France as a part of the federal experiment of animation days for all handicaps, a sports slogam "Bad & Handicaps" will be held by the next Saturday, March 16 at Noyelles Godault (62). On this new program: discovery of badminton for all and disability awareness for non disabled people.


This Saturday, the whole day, the Coubertin complex of Noyelles Godault (62) will vibrate to the rhythm of the wheels exchanged between  disabled and non disabled people.

The event, coordinated by the French Badminton Federation (FFBaD), Ligue Hauts de France, Committee 62 and a local club BADTTSM (Badminton Tennis Table Saint Martin) is the second day of animation of such a kind of activities, after the first one organized in Marseille the last 7th  February. 

Discovering badminton and disability awareness.

Concretely, it is a proposal of adapting badminton practice  to a public in a situation of handicap. This journey will be also a place for exchange and awareness of disability, a moment of sharing this awareness above all, between non disabled people.

Saturday, a total amount of  twenty people with disabilities are expected to discover badminton. They will play with non disabled ones, including fifteen children enrolled at the local club. The latter will be made aware of disability through the exchanges they may have with people with disabilities, but also through a sensitization workshop to practice wheelchair badminton. The afternoon will be devoted to friendly meetings and the organization of a mini-tournament.

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