Integrity through shuttlecocks

Integrity through shuttlecocks

Pilot Clubs Network starts working.

The Oviedo Badminton Club, one of the Spanish Badminton Pilot Club in B4ALL Project, sets up an integrating programme in which disabled people with physical and mental disabilities train badminton in the Ovida Residence.

Wednesday are not an ordinary day in Ovida Residence anymore.

Thanks to the great job  that people who are collaborating with  the Oviedo Badminton Club, the group of adults from Ovida Residence have an incredible good time playing badminton every Wednesday all togheter.

A wire of materials are included during the journey in order to improve the variety and quality of activities: balloons, badminton raquets, shuttlecooks and badminton nets.

We could count on the participation of 20 disabled people with mental and phisic disabilities and their coach, Isela Miranda, who is in charge of the group during the activity time.

Last but not least, the clearly purpose through this wonderful project is to keep moving forward even out of the residence and provide to everyone such an incredible opportunity. Besides, sharing this activity with official players from Ovida Badminton Club at the same time they are training, would be also a beutiful goal which could be considered already reached.




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