Regional phase of badminton with no borders

Regional phase of badminton with no borders

The last  Saturday 2nd of  February 2019 , the regional phase of the fifth edition of PalaBadminton, held in Milan one of the its Badminton Event.

The Under 17 cathegorie was at this time the main character in this tournament called as "Badminton with no Borders", organized by the Committee
Regional, in which ASA and GSA could take part in.


The event, was strongly desired and promoted by the Lombardy CR where two badminton clubs were present.

One of the, The GioKo, was representing the province of Milan. The second one, Lieci di Gallarate, in representation of Lodi Province.

Both teams had fo face bewteen eachother in a single group. At the first place, the Goiko Team had any difficulty at all in beat to Licei Gallarate, which finnnished its position in the second place.

Regarding Umpire-system, players from the tournament were completly ventured into auto - referee games with strong competitive spirit and absolute fair play.

This wire event could also count on the presence of some political representative as the Chairman of the Committee Regionale Massimo Merigo and the Federal Councilore CRL secretary Chiara Pacchioni.


With this inclusive activity,FIBA, as a partner of this Project starts his new year.




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